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Happy New Year

By December 31, 2023No Comments

Dear Friends,

From all of us at Candle of Grace may we wish you a Happy and peaceful New Year!

The world has changed a lot and not for the best. There are so many places around the world, where people are crying for help. Such words like: “warzone”, “starvation”, “illness”, “poverty” ,  “violence” are heard by us more often and becoming more common. While “HUMANITY” is forgotten in so many places around our world.

All year long we were working hard to send to those who are in need and require care, support and help. Vehicles, medical supplies, wheelchairs, clothes were sent to so many destinations. Unfortunately, the number of appeals grew and more charities became our partners to give a hand in the distribution of the aid.  Thousands of “Thank you” were received to reward our volunteers. Photo reports and videos kept coming to our mail all year around. Our Christmas load 2023 is delivered to Chernobyl children and children who reside in dangerous warzones of Ukraine. In coming 2024 may we all stay together, keep helping each other and showing by our example, that it is possible to change this world to Better, if not to the Best!

               GO RAIBH MÍLE MAITH AGAT!