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Company Objectives

Candle of Grace was formed for charitable purposes, which are as follows:

  • the provision of relief and assistance to people in need in Ireland and Eastern European countries, including children suffering from health complications after the Chernobyl catastrophe, children in orphanages and those living in economically disadvantaged circumstances;
  • the prevention and relief of poverty and economic hardship;
  • the promotion of health, including relief of sickness or human suffering;
  • the provision of integration supports for Russian speaking families and their children in Ireland;
  • the promotion of Eastern European cultures and languages in Ireland;
  • the promotion and assistance with pilgrimages to/from Ireland to/from other countries of the world;
  • the advancement of other charitable causes as the members see fit that are in line with the Company’s ethos and main objects;
  • the doing of all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.