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A few times a year we organise clothes/food collections to be sent to orphanages and nursing homes in Ukraine and Belarus. These are typically organised at Easter, September (before the school starts) and Christmas. The organisations we send our charity parcels to are as follows:

  1. Baby Orphanage “Hope”, Pryluki, Ukraine (children from newborn to 6 years of age);
  2. Ascension Monastery, Bancheny Village, Ukraine. The Monastery runs a nursing home for the elderly and an orphanage: children from newborn to 18 years of age. Most of the children are disabled;
  3. “Let’s help the children of Ukraine” Foundation, Nikopol, Ukraine. They look after the orphans and widows of war;
  4. Charitable Foundation of St. Luka, Kiev, Ukraine, they look after a number of orphanages, prisons and nursing homes;
  5. St Elizabeth’s Convent, Minsk, Belarus. They look after disabled children, adults with mental health issues, the elderly and homeless;
  6. Zlagoda orphanage, Chernobyl area, Ukraine. They have about 25 orphans, some of them are with disabilities
  7. School No 2, Yelsk, Belarus. The school is in the Chernobyl area and we have hosted a few children from the school in Ireland.
  8. Social Care Centre, Yelsk, Belarus. They provide support to orphans, disabled, families on low income, living in very poor conditions.
  9. Families who got into difficult life situations such as fire/loss of property, death of a parent, disability of a child/parent, cancer treatment for a family member, etc.

Please contact us if you wish to donate something. Items that can be donated:

  • second hand clothes in good condition (including jackets and coats)
  • shoes (tied in pairs) in good condition
  • school supplies/stationery (pens, pencils, colouring books, copies, rulers, etc)
  • nappies (both for children and adults)
  • soft toys in good condition
  • toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap (in bars and bottles), shampoos, conditioners, creams, female pads)
  • food (tinned or packed): tea bags, coffee, sweets, biscuits, tinned goods

Please also consider donating towards courier/shipping costs. We usually end up with a lot of stuff but not enough funds to ship it over. We ask you to contribute €3 per each kg of donated weight. You’ll see how quickly it adds up!