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As the first founders of Candle of Grace, Lily and Anna, came from the Eastern Europe and were born in the former USSR countries, they belong to the Russian speaking community of Mayo. Irish people know well from their past that the life of an immigrant is not always bright and easy. For people who come to a different language speaking country it is harder to integrate and settle in. We are not talking about people who came to Ireland on a temporary basis for whatever reasons, their story is not the same as for the ones that now call Ireland their home.

Since 2016 Candle of Grace united many families in Mayo by teaching some of them English and some of them Russian. We provide classes for children, where they learn not only the Russian language but the culture and traditions of their parents’ native land. At these classes children write, read, sing, draw, do arts & crafts, learn the ukelele, take part in our garden project, participate in plays, take history lessons and much more. However, they are not just students at our cultural centre. Their families have also become volunteers and sponsors of Candle of Grace.

Today we are very proud of our little project called the Sunday School. We are proud of our children being raised here in Mayo. Children who have Irish passports but who don’t forget their roots and the past of their families. Children that grow in the beautiful country of Ireland but know that there are many parts of the world where people are suffering. We know that these kids will become great members of our society and will lead by good example.

Our Sunday School project was joined and supported by the members of the Mayo Russian Adoption Group. These are Irish families who adopted children from Russia. We were surprised to find out how many families in Mayo did this amazing act. It is a great pleasure to see how happy all the children are and what great parents they were blessed with. Both kids and parents of this wonderful group have joined us in many of our activities and fundraising campaigns.

Our teachers are all volunteers. They are garda vetted in accordance with the company policies. Currently we have 3 teachers and about 30 children attending the classes.