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Response From The Heart

When the Chernobyl catastrophe happened, Ireland was one of the first countries in the
world to respond to this terrible disaster where thousands of people suffered and
continue to suffer the effects of radiation. The generosity of the Irish people continues
to this day and is greatly appreciated by the people of Chernobyl.



Our charity supports the Chernobyl regions and provides assistance to a number of
schools, orphanages and hospitals all year round. We also host children from Chernobyl in
Mayo but due to Covid we have not had an opportunity to invite children from Belarus this year for the rehabilitation and rest.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary, we are running an Art competition called ‘A
Response from The Heart’. We are asking the students to draw a picture of peace and
hope to support the children in Chernobyl and to show them that they are remembered and
not forgotten. If pupils from your school hosted Chernobyl kids in the past or participated
in any fundraising events, shoe box collections etc, they might like to draw a picture of
their friends from Belarus or the event they took part in. You might also like to depict a
scene or feeling from the day of the disaster. How did it look? How did it feel? How did
families and young people react? How do you think people in the region feel now about
those events 35 years ago? How has it shaped their lives and their sense of hope for the
future? If they wanted to communicate a message to the world, what would it be? Get
creative and use any thoughts you have to respond to the theme – ‘A Response from the
Heart.’- Chernobyl 35 years anniversary.

You can respond to the competition on A4 paper using any medium of art you like.

Primary Schools :

1st prize €50 Smyths Toys Gift Card

2nd prize €30 Smyths Toys Gift Card

3rd prize Art Set

Post Primary:

1st prize €100 ‘One4all’ Gift Card

2nd prize €50 ‘One4all’ Gift Card

3rd prize €25 ‘One4all’ Gift Card

Please post your entries on Candle of Grace Facebook page tagging @candleofgrace under
the poster for the competition. Please write the child’s first name, age, class and the
school under your entry.
Alternatively, if you prefer, please copy and email the pictures along with children’s
details to: and we’ll place them on our page. The deadline for
submissions is 26th April 2021.

If you would prefer to post entries (*please note art cannot be returned, except for
winning entries so keep copies if you wish), post to:

Candle of Grace Charity

32 Summerfield, Castlebar, Co Mayo

Please send €2 for each child’s entry by cheque made payable to Candle of Grace and post
it to 32 Summerfield, Castlebar, Co Mayo. This money will go towards buying sensory toys the centre for disabled children and small treats for the children in Yelsk Town, Homel
Region, Belarus.


Winners will be notified by email to the school and on our Facebook page on 3rd May 2021.

Candle of Grace also ask you to consider lighting a candle on the 26th April in your school
to commemorate all who died in the Chernobyl disaster.