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One of the main activities is running a rehabilitation programme for Belarusian children from the Chernobyl area. This helps clean their little bodies of some radioactive substances and strengthens their immune systems.

Our management and volunteers work hard all year long for this little magic to happen in a life of a child who lives within 100 km of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the so called Chernobyl Zone. This is one of the most radioactively contaminated area in the world. Every year we invite a group of kids whose parents can’t afford to bring them abroad for rehabilitation rest.

We focus on the following categories of children:

  • children being raised by foster parents or a single parent;
  • children from low income families;
  • children with three or more siblings;
  • children with disabled siblings;
  • children whose parents are under the control of social services.

We don’t host disabled children as unfortunately we don’t have adequate resources or skills to accommodate them.

The children stay with host families who provide them accommodation and full board for the duration of their stay. Host families do not pay the children’s travel expenses, as Candle of Grace covers those costs.

All our host families and volunteers working with children are checked and garda vetted prior to getting access to children. We have proper procedures in place that we are required to follow when working with children. This is in accordance with Irish laws and regulations on child protection and well being. All our directors are garda vetted as well.

During the rehabilitation holidays Candle of Grace along with the local businesses organizes two to three activities each week which make children’s holidays even more entertaining and fun. People of Mayo have been very kind and generous to our Chernobyl groups, they invite them to Achill Aquarium, Westport House, Mayo County Council, bowling alley, cinema, swimming pool, museums, farms, coffee shops, hairdressers etc. The children always have the most wonderful time and bring back unforgettable memories of Ireland and its people.

Our amazing host families and volunteers are our most valuable asset. Without their help we wouldn’t be able to run this programme. If you wish to become a volunteer or host please get in touch with us.